How we work together

The NOBID slogan Borderless access to digital services, circled in by flags of all participants

Norway – with Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) as contact point – is leading the project from January 2018 to June 2020. A Nordic-Baltic Resource group on eID and eIDAS implementation from the Nordic and Baltic countries is reference group for the development of the project plan.

Published: 25. Sep 2018, Last modified: 15. Mar 2020


the Norwegian flag
  • National contact: Tor Alvik
  • Organisation: Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi)
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There are two government institutions primarily involved in eID related issues in Norway:

  1. Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) (policy making and eIDAS node operations), Difi is acting on behalf of Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation. 
  2. The Norwegian Tax Administration (population register) will be responsible for matching eIDAS Identity with Norwegian PIDs.


the Swedish flag

The Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) is responsible for eID and eIDAS in Sweden. Regarding eIDAS trust services, the Swedish Post- and Telecom Agency (PTS) is responsible. The Tax agency is responsible for the population register.


the Danish flag
  • National contact: Pernille Sørensen
  • Organisation: Agency for Digitisation
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The Agency for Digitisation is an agency within the Ministry of Finance and was established in 2011 to be in charge of the government’s digitisation policies. With the aim of renewing the Danish welfare, the agency is responsible for the implementation of the government's digital ambitions and the use of digital welfare technology in the public sector.


the Finnish flag

Ministry of Finance is responsible for the policy making and legistation related to public sector eID usage. Ministry of Transportation and Communications is responsible of the general legistation of strong eID and eSignature (implementing eIDAS). Population Registry Centre VRK is responsible of public sector eID-portal and eIDAS-node. VRK is a member of eIDAS Technical sub-group. Finnish Communications and Regulatory Authority Ficora is the the supervisory body for the national eID and eIDAS. Ficora is representing Finland in eIDAS Co-operation Network.


the Icelandic flag

Registers Iceland, which is under the Minstry of Transportation and Local Government, runs the Icelandic identification service and the eIDAS node in Iceland.  The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs is in charge of the Information Society in Iceland.  Ministry of Industries and Innovation is in charge of putting the legal framework for eIDAS in place.


the Latvian flag

There are three government institutions primarily involved in eID related issues in Latvia: 1) VARAM ministry (policy making), 2) VRAA agency (eIDAS node operations), 3) Citizenship and Migration office (PMLP) (population register, national eID cards).


the Estonian flag
  • National contact: Mark Erlich
  • Organisation: Estonian Information System Authority
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Information System Authority (RIA) is eIDAS Node operator in Estonia. RIA is also responsible for eID and electronic signature applications, and data exchange (interoperability) platform X-road. In general, RIA coordinates the development and administration of information systems ensuring the interoperability of the state’s information system, organizes activities related to information security, and handles security incidents in Estonian computer networks.


the Lithuanian flag
  • National contact: Vytautas Krasauskas
  • Organisation: E-Government & Security Policy Division, The Ministry of the Interior
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