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Here is an overview of useful reports, links and events in the area of eID.

Published: 25. Sep 2018, Last modified: 28. Oct 2019


Swedish government report on approach to ID card and eID: Ett säkert statligt ID-kort – med e-legitimation SOU 2019:14

This publication is the result of an assignment has been to investigate and propose changes to the requirements and routines applicable to Swedish identity documents with the aim of reducing the increasing amount of frauds committed using falsified documents.

Nordic digital identification (eID) Survey and recommendations for cross border cooperation, Hansteen, K., Ølnes, J. and Alvik, T., (2016), Nordic Council of Ministers, TemaNord 2016:508.

This publication presents the survey results and policy recommendations of a Nordic study of national eID-systems. The countries studied are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

eIDAS eID Profile

Specifications developed by the European Commission with the help of Member States collaborating in a technical sub-committee of the eIDAS Expert Group.

European Interoperability Framework – Implementation Strategy, COM(2017) 134 final, Brussels, 23.3.2017

European Interoperability Reference Architecture – EIRA

EIRA© is a content model that defines the most important building blocks required for the creation of interoperable eGovernment systems. It provides a common terminology for IT architects and facilitates the development of digital public services across borders and sectors.

Koppling mellan europeiska eID-handlingar och svenska personnummer eller styrkta samordningsnummer, Skatteverket, (2016) Dnr 131 184020-16/113

Det finns behov av en central funktion för att göra kopplingar mellan europeiska eID-handlingar och svenska personnummer och styrkta samordningsnummer.

Förslag: Ett kopplingsregister skapas för att behandla och spara kopplingar mellan eID-handlingar och svenska personnummer och styrkta samordningsnummer.

External references/Links

The single digital gateway

The single digital gateway will facilitate online access to the information, administrative procedures and assistance services that citizens and businesses need to get active in another EU country. By the end of 2020, citizens and companies moving across EU borders will easily be able to find out what rules and assistance services apply in their new residency. By the end of 2023 at the latest, they will be able to perform a number of procedures in all EU member states without any physical paperwork, like registering a car or claiming pension benefits.

eGovernment in the European Union, European Commission, (2016)

Factsheet on e-Government. Updated annually. 
See for latest version


  • eGovernment in the European Union 
  • eGovernment in the European Commission
  • Legal framework
  • Actors
  • eGovernment Who’s Who 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Internal Administration Services 
  • eGovernment Services for Administrations
  • eGovernment Services for Citizens and Businesses

eIDAS Observatory

The eIDAS Observatory aims to build a virtual community of stakeholders to foster a common understanding of the issues relating to the implementation and uptake of the eIDAS Regulation.

NIFO - National Interoperability Framework Observatory

The NIFO community is a dedicated space for the sharing of experience and best practices on policies, systems, challenges and successes related to interoperability. NIFO analyses the Interoperability frameworks of the participating countries based on input form the participating countries and aligns this to an analytical framework, the European Interoperability Framework (EIF).


E-förvaltningsdagarna på Stockholmsmässan

eFörvaltningsdagarna är Sveriges största konferens och mötesplats om e-förvaltning och digital transformation.

Trust Services Forum 2018

ENISA is organising the fourth edition of the Trust Services Forum

  • Trust Services in the proposed regulatory framework for certification
  • eIDAS compliant audits
  • Trust service provider framework
  • Implementation and operational issues of Qualified Trust Services
  • Strategies to promote the adoption of Qualified Trust Services

ISSE 2019

Building the future of a secure and trusted digital society,          

Tallinn eGovernance Conference (20–22 May 2019)

eID Forum Estonia 2019

Borderless access to digital services